The One simple and impactful daily ritual you can practice that can bring qualities of spiritual mastery to your life while optimizing your resourcefulness.

As we journey through this raw and real time of massive uncertainty I offer you THE MAP

This brief introduction to many of the places we consciously visit - some more frequently then others (and many you may have only dreamed about) - provides an opportunity to get a feel for which destinations will best serve you...and the world. Instead of "just passing through", these destinations on THE MAP can define your life's experiences, expectations, manifestations and impact.

STAGE 1 - Suffering

Different from pain, suffering is marked by a profound awareness that something is wrong. Something sucks, and it's you! You are sucking energy to simply survive. This especially occurs when we are confronted with a traumatic or chaotic event or loss. The lesson of this stage that allows us to move on is the acceptance that nothing works at this time; we are presently helpless.

BREATH PATTERN: in the nose, out the mouth

STAGE 2 - Polarities and Charge

We recognize that we have different rhythms. We are conditioned by family and culture with conflicting stories and emotions and move towards one and away from others. In Stage 1 Suffering we were helpless. In Stage 2 we see hero, victim and villain as the magical curse or magical answer. Ultimately, experiencing the energetics behind this we realize that our divergent rhythms and energies can be different and speak with respect to one another.

BREATH PATTERN: in the nose, out the mouth

STAGE 3 - Stuck In A Perspective or Way

You are aware that you are repeating a pattern and it has you hooked. You can't believe you are doing it again. At least, finally, there is a YOU. A you that is more than a circumstance. A you that wants to jump ahead and is pulled back. You feel frustrated and stuck. OMG you are so stuck!

BREATH PATTERN: in the nose, out the mouth

STAGE 4 - Playing Bigger

You recognize that life's scripts and the conditioning that dominated your prior stages are no longer acceptable. They no longer work. You must play bigger, stronger, and with more power and authenticity. You will no longer allow your circumstances to control your experience. You deserve MORE. You must be MORE. You are MORE.

BREATH PATTERN: alternating nostrils, in one side and out that same side

STAGE 5 - Merging Through the Illusion

Illuminate and merge through the boundaries established by your conditioned self. What seemed like a barrier is now an energetic illusion of consciousness. Swimming in the sea of cultural thoughts, you now choose what is important to you. The withheld information and energy that you have alienated, feared, or ignored is now integral to your new emerging self...with greater abilities for choosing MORE in life.

BREATH PATTERN: in the mouth, out the mouth

Watch this live broadcast aired on April 1st, 2020 before going on to Stage 6

STAGE 6 - Preparation for Resolution

With more coherent mental executive function and an abundance of energy in your body and field, you know that you must now be so much MORE for whatever is next. The alienated, isolated, denied, or redirected consciousness that persisted within the fabric of your physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual self transforms. You are being prepared for resolution of the energies and consciousness that maintained a defended sense of self. YOU ARE READY!

BREATH PATTERN: in the nose, out the nose

STAGE 7 - Resolution

Your tolerance for the energetic noise associated with your hunger to defend your outworn sense of self is at a breaking point. As you recognize you've allowed such distraction from your higher nature, this energy is finally discharged from its attachment to your body, your life and the field. You experience an explosive liberation from your mentally dictated life. Finally you discharge that which no longer serves your awakening and you experience freedom through true Resolution.

BREATH PATTERN: in the nose, out the mouth

STAGE 8 - Emptiness with Connection

After resolution you experience a graceful emptiness. Your sense of self and thinking mind are given a time out. The space once filled with thought becomes an important doorway for this new awakening. Serendipity is experienced as a natural part of life and unlimited possibilities await as we enter into a state of gratitude, vulnerability, and connection to the rhythms that guide us.

BREATH PATTERN: in the mouth, out the nose

STAGE 9 - Light Beyond the Form

You experience you are a body filled with energy, love and light. Knowing you are more than a physical bound body you experience the energetic threads and connections within and around us. This energy that directs our lives is pure, profound and beyond all thought.

BREATH PATTERN: in the mouth, out the nose

STAGE 10 - Ascent

You transition from being an intelligent being to being intelligence itself; from housing Spirit, to being Spirit itself. You merge beyond the experience of being a separate soul as you are rapturously cracked open as light. You transcend the concepts of limits, boundaries, words, thoughts and receive the gift of intimately knowing your oneness with creation and the spiritual signature of your incarnation.

BREATH PATTERN: in the mouth, out the mouth

STAGE 11 -Descent

Aware of the gifts of our essence and abundantly radiating coherent energy and light, we descend into the world as a servant of humanity. We know the darkness, see it and illuminate it. Humbled by our experience of the bigness of creation and the gap between who we are, what we know and the human predicament; we gracefully serve life, while sharing the gifts of our being.

BREATH PATTERN: in the nose, out the nose

STAGE 12 - Community

We recognize that community is a space of beings we choose to participate with and that Oneness results through integration of the diverse energies of creation. We are blessed when we accept the gifts of others, even when difficult, knowing that by receiving others, and circumstances, we are effortlessly woven into the fabric of humanity's field. Recognizing all choices are energetic and spiritual - affecting the entire globe of beings, we embrace a higher order of change we wish to see for humanity.

BREATH PATTERN: in the nose, out the mouth